Plant Guide: Crepe Myrtle Tree

Crepe Myrtle Tree

The Crepe Myrtle tree is one of my very favorites to landscape with because of it’s gorgeous foliage and deep colorings. While they don’t grow so well in my neck of the woods, they grow rampant down South and I have several friends who have made the tree the centerpiece of their yard. If you too love the look of a Crepe Myrtle, follow these tips and tricks to ensure that it stays healthy all year long.

Grow Zone

Grow Zone: Crype Myrtle tree thrives in grow zones 6-9. It loves warm weather, so make sure that your environment can sustain that.

Water and Sun Needs: On average, the Crepe Myrtle tree needs a spot that receives at least 5 hours of direct sunlight to grow best. As far as water goes, it needs 6 inches of water sporadically throughout the month. Keep a calendar so you know when it’s time to water!

Average Size: The average size of the Crepe Myrtle Tree grows to be anywhere from 6-20 feet.

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Plant Type: Naturally, the Crepe Myrtle is classified as a tree.

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Special Features

If you love attracting birds of all varieties, it may be a good idea to plant this tree somewhere in your yard! Additionally, despite it being labeled as a “tree” the Crepe Myrtle actually does well in containers. Just make sure that you are re-potting it as it grows. Additionally, you can expect colorful foliage from summer through winter.

How To Get Started: You can get started growing this tree by planting it in an area of full sun. Your tree will be healthier if planted in the Spring.

When To Harvest: Though there isn’t an edible harvest for Crepe Mrytle trees, you can expect your tree to start showcasing it’s beautiful blooms in mid Summer.

What To Plant It With: For the most interest garden-wide, I recommend pairing Crepe Myrtle trees with ground covers such as Thyme, Sedum, and Lamb’s Ear.

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crepe myrtle | tree | garden | landscape | crepe myrtle tree | plant guide

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