Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

I use mason jars wherever I can in my home and garden. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from Pinterest over the last few years it’s that there isn’t a single thing that a mason jar can’t do! They’re the worlds cure-all for any problem! While I mostly use them to store seeds and organize my small garden tools, I’ve recently learned of a cool way to turn a mason jar into a cool DIY bird feeder! All you’ll need to do so is a mason jar and some other items you probably already have around the house.  Sounds like an easy enough, right? Are you ready to get started with this mason jar bird feeder project?

Items Needed

  • A regular mouth mason jar (in any size, I’ve used 32-ounce jars or even 16-ounce jars for smaller bird feeder projects. This is totally personal preference!)
  • A chicken round that fits the mouth of your mason jar (this is what will make your creation an actual bird feeder, just make sure you buy one that will fit in the mouth of your mason jar…I’ve been there…)
  • Hot glue or gorilla glue (whatever you prefer to use)
  • Twine, an S hook or something else to hang your new creation with. (After all, it isn’t a bird feeder if it’s sitting on the ground!)
  • An enamel lid (if you decide to hang your creation with an S-hook instead of twine)

Step One

Step One (If working with twine): If you decide to hang your creation with twine, you’ll need to secure the twine to your mason jar before moving on to the next step. This part is crucial. To do so, hot glue (or gorilla glue, whichever you choose) the end of a length of twine (I cut about 6 feet, but the length is really up to you and the size of the tree that you plan to hang it from) just under the rim of your mason jar. Wrap the twine around the rim a few times and secure it so it creates something secure for your feeder to hang from, tie off, and secure the other end so it creates a hanging method of sorts.

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Step One (If working with an S hook): If you’d rather work with an S hook, begin by gluing your enamel lid to the bottom of your mason jar. The S hook must be secure and fully dried (it can take anywhere from 12-24 hours) before moving on.

Step Two

Step Two: After you’ve created a twine handle or glued on your enamel lid, it’s time to fill up your mason jar with a good amount of bird feeder. While this probably sounds like it should be the last step of the project, it’s crucial that you fill your mason jar now. It’ll make things so much easier (and way less messy!) later on if you make it a point to tackle this step now. To fill the mason jar attached to the enamel lid, have a helper hold your creation while you fill with birdseed to reduce mess and headache.

Step Three

Step Three: After your mason jar has been filled full of the good stuff (the seed), you’ll want to screw the mouth of the mason jar into a chicken feeder that fits the size of the mouth on your mason jar. For a 32 ounce jar, I used a small chicken round. Screw the mason jar into the chicken feeder as tight as possible, taking care not to flip the mason jar full of bird food over before it’s fully secure! No one likes a mess to clean up!

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Step Four and Five

Step Four: Once certain your jar is fully secured in the chicken round, flip it over and watch as the seed fills the holes in the round! Your project is almost complete. You can do it!

Step Five: Now that everything in your DIY mason jar bird feeder is ready to go, you can hang your creation wherever you see fit. If you chose to work with twine, I recommend hanging it from a tree branch somewhere in your yard. If you chose to work with an S hook, I recommend hanging it from your porch, patio, or somewhere similar. No matter where you choose to display what you’ve made, rest assured that the birds will come flocking!

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