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Super-Easy String Replacement

Super-Easy String Replacement

I loved my string trimmer—except when it came time to replace the string. Then I hated it! Replacing string was practically a two-person job. So I was pretty excited when I ran across Oregon’s new string trimmer head. The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System attaches to most popular trimmers and makes string replacement super easy.

The heavy-duty string comes coiled on a disk. All you do is plop the disk into position, feed out the two string ends (and not through tiny little holes, like on my old one), and snap on the cap. My property is several acres, so if I’m close to running out of string, I slip a replacement spool in my pocket before I head out. That way I don’t have to walk all the way back to my shop to reload. — Mark Petersen. Get it today!


Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue has been in the U.S. since the 1800s and has been used primarily for pastures but it makes for a nice turf lawn. Its considered drought resistant and is more heat tolerant.

Sick of the way your lawn looks? Learn what you’re doing wrong.

The Home Depot

Round Up Pro Concentrate

Round Up has been one of the go-tos for weed control for years and its Pro Concentrate provides great protection for your yard. It will take care of an array of weeds, woody brush and trees. The advantage of Round Up Pro Concentrate is that it won’t leave behind any residue. Get the post-emergent weed killer at a good price.

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Make sure you put some in your cart next time you visit Home Depot.


Troy-Bilt Wide-Deck Multiple Speed Self-Propelled

For those with larger yards, this Troy-Bilt provides a good solution for a good-looking lawn. The walk-behind mower has a 2-gallon fuel tank and a key electric start that eliminates the annoyance of the pull start. The zero turn maneuverability allows it to turn in tight spaces and the 33-inch dual blade cutting deck eats up a lot of ground.

Keep your lawn looking great with a vacuum. Yes, a vacuum.

Check out the rest of the specs at Amazon.

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Compare-N-Save Concentrate

Compare-N-Save is Amazon’s best seller for its crab grass killing. It will travel to the roots of weeds and kill them in two-to-four days. A gallon of Compare-N-Save post-emergent weed killer will last a long time because it is a 41 percent concentration of glyphosate and needs to be diluted correctly before using.

See how to solve the problem of shade on your lawn.

Add some Compare-N-Save today at Home Depot.

Scotts Wizz Cordless SpreaderScotts

Scotts Wizz Cordless Spreader

Last summer, editor Mark Petersen couldn’t find his spreader. (He’s pretty sure he lent his old one to someone who never returned it). But his loss turned out to be a good thing because he stumbled across Scotts spreader called the Wizz. Instead of a hand crank, it runs on four AA batteries, so there’s not another charger to keep track of for a tool that doesn’t get used all the time. In fact, he’s filled his at least 20 times and is still on the same batteries it came with.

It works great at spreading seed, week killer, fertilizer and even ice melt, and it has a little sliding shield called an EDGEGUARD that causes the product your spreading to be broadcasted only straight forward and too the right, which is perfect when working next to the driveway, sidewalks, etc.

The one handed operation is the biggest benefit. On windy days you can hold the spreader close to the ground to avoid nasty chemicals being blown back in your face, and you don’t have to bend completely over like you probably did with your old spreader. And sometimes, when you’re working a ways from the house, you can use your free hand to bring extra seed along in a small bucket. This eliminates half the trips back to the seed bag for refills. Scotts Wizz spreader is available at many home centers and hardware stores.

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Need to cover a large area? You’ll want to check out a broadcast seed spreader. If your lawn is too far gone, it may be best to start over. Here’s our complete guide on how to reseed your lawn.

Pick up the Wizz at the Home Depot.


Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy Duty Professional Trimmer

This string is built to last and as the heavy duty suggests, it’s up to the task. It comes highly regarded by users for its durability and cost.

Out of garage storage for your lawn care equipment? Check out a sweet backyard storage locker.

Get some today at Amazon


Ryobi R48110 Rear-Engine Rider

Ryobi’s riding lawn mower is battery powered but it holds up like a gas-powered model in tests. The beauty of battery power is the reduction of the noise with cutting. The battery holds about two hours of run time on its 75Ah batteries.


Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

You’ve seen these sprinklers since you were a kid but the Nelson Raintrain Sprinkler will travel around your lawn for watering. It will cover up to 13,500 square feet and travel up to 200 feet. It comes with an automatic shutoff and three speeds.

Get your piece of Americana at Amazon.

Great String Trimmer for the Money

I needed a new string trimmer but didn’t want to spend the $300 to $400 that most home centers were charging. Then I found this one made by Jonsered (model GTS 2228; It works great and has plenty of pro-quality features like a straight shaft, an adjustable handle and a “Tap’n Go 35” head—which makes dispensing new string a breeze. It also has lots of power and starts right up with a pull or two. I bought mine for about $220 at Menards, a Midwest chain of home centers. You can also find them at Tractor Supply Co. and many independent dealers.

—Jason White

United Hardware

Kink-Free Hose

Watering my garden is a big enough hassle without having to bend over to attach the hose to the spigot and stop to unkink it every three minutes. The Swan Hose Swivel solves both problems. Attached to the spigot, it can swing up and down 180 degrees and rotate 360. This means securing the hose requires fewer contortions, and it’s less likely to kink as you move about your yard. You can also attach it to the other end of the hose to make hand sprinklers easier to use. Best of all, it doesn’t leak. You can find the Hose Swivel for about $6 at hardware stores and home centers.

—Spike Carlsen

Smart Irrigation Saves You $$$

Do you know what’s better than a sprinkler timer with a rain sensor? A smart timer that knows the exact rainfall in your area so it can adjust future schedules to avoid overwatering. The Orbit B-hyve Wi-Fi irrigation timer grabs local weather data via the internet and computes how long each zone should run to keep your plants and turf healthy while conserving water. You can also program it with a tablet or smartphone. It comes in two models: a six-zone unit for about $100 and a 12-zone model for about $120. They’re available at home centers and online at Amazon.

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The Little Burros

The Little Burros

The Little Burros wheelbarrow storage accessory is perfect for a sweetheart who loves to garden or tackle other landscaping projects. There’s room for plants, hand tools, power tools, buckets, etc., and there’s even a small covered compartment to keep a smartphone clean and dry while working in the yard! Click here to buy it now.

People-safe, Pet-safe Mosquito Killer

People-safe, Pet-safe Mosquito Killer

Do the West Nile and Zika viruses have you dressing like an Eskimo in the summertime? Here’s an all-natural pesticide to help control the mosquito population in your backyard. Terminix AllClear Mosquito BAIT & KILL is made from nothing but sugar and garlic. The sugar attracts the pesky bloodsuckers, and the garlic oil kills them. (If it doesn’t solve your mosquito problem, at least you won’t have to worry about a vampire infestation.) The manufacturer claims that one 30-oz. twin pack can eliminate more than 90 percent of the mosquitoes in up to a 5,000-sq.-ft. area in two to three weeks. Find some of this product at Amazon.

Spray-can Extension Pole

Spray-can Extension Pole

Some spray cans of wasp/hornet killer can reach a nest more than 20 ft. away. That’s helpful, unless the nest is in your eaves and half the spray ends up running down the side of your house. And spraying on a windy day might just result in a face full of pesticide.

Here’s a better solution: Strap a spray can of wasp/hornet killer onto the 12-ft. Gotcha Sprayer and take the battle right up close to those winged stingers. The extension pole also gives you an extra 12-ft. running head start when you’re spraying an aggressive hornet’s nest. Note: It’s best to spray at dawn. Wasps and hornets are less active in the early morning (just like teenagers).

The Gotcha Sprayer has a string to activate the trigger, and works with all sorts of cans. Strap in a can of lube and quiet a squeaky weathervane or spinning roof vent. Accessories sold separately include flashlights, scrapers and a puffer bellows for applying powder chemicals. The Gotcha Sprayer is available online for about $35.

H.D. Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pak SprayerHudson

H.D. Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pak Sprayer

Oil Extractor

Oil Extractor

I have a lawn mower, snow blower and pressure washer that all work great, but they weren’t designed for easy oil changes. It’s impossible to change the oil in any of them without making a colossal mess. So I was thrilled when I found this Briggs & Stratton oil extractor pump.

Now I just stick the hose down in the reservoir and pump out the old, dirty oil. When I’m done, I set the bottle on the ground and clamp the end of the hose onto the edge of my workbench and leave it like that for a while. That way all the oil drains out of the hose down into the bottle. I still lay down some cardboard even though I haven’t spilled a drop since I got it. This 1.6-liter version costs $24 online at Amazon. Briggs makes a 4-liter model as well. — Mark Petersen, Associate Editor

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Leaf Blower

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