Cotton Candy Wedding Bouquets Are The New Trend


Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Websites and magazines are constantly publishing articles on how to save money when it comes to wedding decor, venues, and gowns. But this new ‘cost-cutting’ trend might just be our favorite.

Instead of spending upward of a couple hundred dollars on a flower bouquet – brides and bridesmaids are now opting for cotton candy.

This deliciously sweet trend is quickly catching on for 2019 weddings and we’re certain the creativity from there will only skyrocket. People who are choosing cotton candy bouquets aren’t having carnival-themed weddings (although you could!); in fact, cotton candy can be made in every color of the rainbow so it can blend into any wedding theme at all.

What do you think of when you think of cotton candy? Happiness? The care-free memories of being a kid? Regardless of what memory it brings back – it’s probably a good one. So, why not incorporate those feelings of whimsy into your wedding and your bouquets?

Faheema Chaudhury, the owner of Unicorn Crafts, seems to have launched the cotton candy bouquet trend.

Unicorn Crafts

Source: Unicorn Crafts

“I loooooove cotton candy and knew I had to make a cotton candy bouquet for my wedding,” Chaudhury told Delish.

Chaudhury’s popular Instagram account explains that she is a “lover of sugar”, so it only makes sense that she’d incorporate a massive ball of spun sugar into the most important day of her life.

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Chaudhury carried the bouquet all night as she danced the night away – the pink puffball looking fabulous in all her photos.

Brett And Emily Photography/Delish

Source: Brett And Emily Photography/Delish
Brett And Emily Photography/Delish

Source: Brett And Emily Photography/Delish

The adorable craft designer and entrepreneur isn’t the only one replacing flowers with cotton candy for their weddings. Other brides and catching on to the trend and opting for cotton candy bouquets for either themselves, their bridesmaids, or both!

If you’re not convinced about this idea, when you see the photos below, you just might change your mind. We think they look absolutely stunning!

Melissa And Gary/Instagram

Source: Melissa And Gary/Instagram

You have to admit – the light and airy spun sugar makes for a gorgeous bouquet and it looks so great in the photos! Not to mention – once the day is all said and done? You have a dessert waiting for you right in your hands! No more holding on the bouquet in hopes that it will somehow be dried and kept forever. When in reality, we all know those flower petals end up crumbling and the bouquet’s beauty fades fast.

Cotton candy bouquets aren’t the only edible bouquet trend there has been.

One bride took her love of pizza to the next level by turning her favorite food into the bouquet on her big day. Nothing like the smell of cheese and pepperoni wafting down the aisle as she walks by.

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Villa Italian Kitchen

Source: Villa Italian Kitchen

Other brides are choosing to use donuts instead of flowers for their wedding bouquets. Colorful sprinkles and different colors of frosting can be customized to match your wedding’s theme. It’s genius really.

Whitney Bilodeau Photography

Source: Whitney Bilodeau Photography

Food, candy, and other sweet treats aren’t being limited to just wedding bouquets. Oh no, people are using these creative edible bouquets for all sorts of special occasions. Because – why not?

One girl once told her boyfriend that she wasn’t into flowers, so he surprised her with a bouquet of chicken nuggets.

Eia Collantes/Twitter

Source: Eia Collantes/Twitter
Eia Collantes/Twitter

Source: Eia Collantes/Twitter

It’s almost too cute to eat, right? But let’s face it – she probably broke out the ketchup shortly after the surprise photo shoot.

Then there’s this woman, who took her creativity to the next level when she proposed to her boyfriend with a Doritos bouquet.

So, what’s next in the bouquet trend? Replacing flowers with Red Vines? Or maybe go a savory route and have Pizza Pockets for your bouquet. The possibilities are endless, really.

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